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The latest Tender documents issued by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of PSUs of Ministry of Defence are listed here.
S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain Corrigendum
1. 20-Apr-2018 12:30 PM 21-May-2018 10:30 AM 22-May-2018 10:30 AM [SUPPLY OF MS-PLATES] [MDNPUR/0482004/PCEADVT005/1819][2018_MDN_72863_1] MIDHANI  
2. 19-Apr-2018 05:30 PM 17-May-2018 10:30 AM 18-May-2018 10:30 AM [SUPPLY OF FURNACE OIL - MV2 GRADE AS PER IS 1593-1982] [MDNL/PUR/2183001/ELT/008/18-19][2018_MDN_72859_1] MIDHANI  
3. 18-Apr-2018 05:00 PM 26-Apr-2018 03:00 PM 27-Apr-2018 03:00 PM [M.S Clamps] [EKM/Q/000028/18-19 dated 18 Apr 18][2018_HSL_72845_1] Hindustan Shipyard Limited||MAIN PURCHASE  
4. 17-Apr-2018 04:00 PM 08-May-2018 11:00 AM 09-May-2018 03:00 PM [PROCUREMENT OF FLUX CORED WELDING FILLER WIRE] [MP/Q/000018/18-19][2018_HSL_72837_1] Hindustan Shipyard Limited||MAIN PURCHASE  
5. 16-Apr-2018 06:00 PM 27-Apr-2018 05:00 PM 28-Apr-2018 02:00 PM [Water proofing work on terrace of D and E building at BEL-Pune] [01/000005/2018/BEL PN][2018_BEL_72812_1] Bharat Electronics Limited||Pune Unit - BEL||Contracts-Pune - BEL  
6. 12-Apr-2018 11:00 AM 27-Apr-2018 11:00 AM 27-Apr-2018 04:00 PM [Caretaking/Housekeeping and Catering of BEL Guest House at Rakshak Chowk, Pimple Nilakh, Aundh PUNE 411027.] [08/000001/2018/BEL PN][2018_BEL_72772_1] Bharat Electronics Limited||Pune Unit - BEL||Contracts-Pune - BEL  
7. 11-Apr-2018 03:00 PM 22-May-2018 02:30 PM 23-May-2018 02:30 PM [Modernisation of office space on Mezzanine First and Second Floor of FOB Building in North Yard of MDL Mumbai] [1900000038][2018_MDL_72769_1] Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited||Corporate Planning and Personnel - MDL||Technical Services - MDL  
8. 07-Apr-2018 01:00 PM 26-Apr-2018 11:00 AM 26-Apr-2018 03:00 PM [Procurement of Marine Paints for 11186 to 11189] [MP/Q/000006/18-19][2018_HSL_72753_1] Hindustan Shipyard Limited||MAIN PURCHASE  
9. 04-Apr-2018 06:00 PM 26-Apr-2018 03:00 PM 27-Apr-2018 03:00 PM [Supply of Gaskets for 5 CGOPVs] [G23/JKM/1233-37/181/4 dated 04.04.2018][2018_GSL_72733_1] Goa Shipyard Limited||COMMERCIAL  
10. 04-Apr-2018 05:35 PM 26-Apr-2018 03:00 PM 27-Apr-2018 03:00 PM [Supply of Ermetto Fittings for 5 CGOPVs] [G23/JKM/1233-37/178/4 dated 04.04.2018][2018_GSL_72730_1] Goa Shipyard Limited||COMMERCIAL  
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